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Yan’an Red Revolutionary Education Team Building

Light up the dream of a new era, spread Yan’an spirit, follow your heart, and march forward together! 

To celebrate the 98th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Shaanxi XD Hi-Tech Medium- Low voltage apparatus Co., Ltd., under the leadership of General Manager Mr. Zhao Pinggang, revisited the red revolutionary road in Yan'an city, northern Shaanxi.

Relived red song along the way, let us fall into the past, and strongly felt the impassioned years of the revolutionary predecessors.

The first stop is Nanniwan, the birthplace of Yan'an spirit.

In that era of scarcity of materials, Chairman Mao called”we should support ourselves by our own labor”,then the vigorous production movement of the Eighth Route Army's 359th Brigade began.

After two years of self-reliance and hard work, the unconstrained Nanniwan has become a good place of northern Shaanxi with" fragrant rice all over the plain, fat ducks all over the pond, everywhere is crops, everywhere is cattle and sheep".

At the end of the study, under the guidance of the instructor, the company sung together”Nanniwan”, re-appreciated the pride of the Chinese people after they overcome the difficulties and won the victory.

The second stop is Yan'an, the holy place of revolution. At the foot of Qingliang Mountain, Baota Mountain and Phoenix Mountain, the Yanhe River trickles down, telling every stranger who comes here with a sense of reverence a long-standing story.

A large number of photographs, figures, sculptures, sand table models and scene restoration in the Yan'an Revolution Memorial Hall showcased the Red Army after a long march finally chose Yan'an to settle and after 13 years of hard working deeds.


The third stop, we came to Liangjiahe Village, Yanchuan County, where Mr. Xi started studying at the beginning of the educated youth.

"Shaanxi is the root, Yan'an is the soul, and Yanchuan is my second hometown." This shows that President Xi has deep feelings for the people of Liangjiahe.

The two-day red education road hastily passed, although it is impossible to fully understand the past, but it has strengthened our future path. In the new era, we will not forget our original heart, take over the torch of the revolution, and constantly innovate. In the future work and life, we will constantly improve our own quality and maintain a good image of the company and ourselves. Constantly open up the domestic and international markets to meet the needs of different customers for products, to provide users with quality products and good service. XD Hi-tech people will march forward and create new achievements!

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