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Solutions for Qianxi Power Plant
From:西电高科 Author:admin View: 0 Date: 2015-04-13
Qianxi Power Plant is located in the 14km far from the northeast of Qianxi County. As one of the second batch of Power Supply Point project of the "West-East power transmission project", it is the backbone of Northwest Guizhou large-sized thermal power plants. Project planning capacity is 6 × 30 million kilowatts which is invested and built by the Guizhou Qianxi Water Power Co., Ltd. We, Shaanxi XD Hi-tech Medium-Low Voltage Apparatus Co., Ltd, became its qualified low-voltage switchgear suppliers, meet and exceeded their technical requirements.

Project Review

#3 and #4 industrial boilers are B&WB-1025/17.4-M boilers provided by Babcock & Wilcox Beijing Company Ltd.

Procurement Specification

Ø   Low voltage switchgear: 77DM-D6111 MCC cabinet and soot blowing cabinet Schematic and circuit drawings.

Ø   Thermal control power cabinet:77DM-K7111Thermal cabinet drawing.

Ø  Lighting, maintenance and HVAC power box: 77DM-D614 Light box, overhauling and HVAC power box schematic.

Ø   Temperature protection cabinet drawing:77DM-K7113 Temperature protection cabinet drawing.

Ø   PC cabinet electric schematic and circuit drawings: 77DM-D6114 PC PC cabinet electric schematic and circuit drawings.

Ø   Definition 6KVswitchgear wiring and circuit drawings:77DM-D6116 Denitrition 6KVswitchgear wiring and circuit drawings and TX-JSGF-N024 Denitrition electronic control cabinet procurement requirements.


Technical Solutions

Ø  Low voltage switchgear should be provided with a space heater to prevent condensation temperature and humidity controller which can automatically control the heater operation temperature and humidity. Power supply is 220V AC derived from the cabinet top small busbar.

Ø  Set PE, N copper busbar at the bottom of switchgear cabinet. N line is supported by insulator; equipment casing should be well grounded. PE and N wire should take the same measures; the section is 50% of busbar.

Ø  Switchgear should have a sound “five preventions interlock” function, and has “switch-on”, “test” and “switch-off” working positions. Mechanical locating devices have amounted on three working positions to prevent accidental operation from external forces. The switchgear door can close when the spin switch at “switch-on”, “test” and “switch-off” working position.

Project Achievement

Ø   Improve power stability

All low-voltage switchgears are amounted with humidifier, temperature and humidity controller to automatically control the temperature and humidity. While the cabinet is set to ground zero line protection and the protection of large carrying capacity, and adding a mechanical interlock and electrical interlock to ensure the safety and stability of electricity;

Ø   Remote operation

Low-voltage switchgear have a background operation system and a friendly human-machine exchange interface, the operator can monitor real-time through the background to understand electricity consumption, electricity and abnormal alarm monitoring. Directly improve the safety of equipment and personnel, the background can be freely controlled by the circuit breaker points and reached the digitization of information operations.

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